How to measure for curtains

Choosing the right size curtain pole

If you already have a curtain pole or track in place – that’s great.

If you need to fit one, first measure the width of your window, then add 30-40cm to this measurement. This will be the width of your pole or track and ensure your window is comfortably covered on each side. Fix this centrally about 15cm above the top of your window.

Be sure to check for water pipes and electrical cables before drilling or fitting to the wall.

Measuring Curtains

  1. First calculate the width you need. Measure the full width of the curtain pole or track not the window, excluding any fixtures or finials on the ends. If your curtains are pencil pleat, tab top or eyelet, double this width measurement to account for the way the curtains will be ‘gathered’ at the top. Finally, add an extra inch or two to the width measurement to make sure that your curtains overlap properly in the middle when closed.

  3. To measure the length you will need, first decide where you want your curtains to fall. Whether you are hanging curtains on a track, pencil pleat on pole, or eyelet curtains, it will affect where you take your measurements from.

Pencil pleat on pole - Take your measurement from the bottom eye of the curtain ring to where your curtains will sit.

Pencil pleat measuring SML

Eyelet/ring top//tab top – measure from the top of the pole to where you want your curtains to end.

Ringtop measuring SML

Track - measure from the very top of the track to where you want your curtains to end.

We recommend checking and double checking your measurements so that you can be extra sure you are buying the correct size curtains for your window.

All Shaws Direct curtain measurements are provided per curtain. Each measurement is the size of a single curtain panel. All of our curtains are always sold in pairs.

Please note, Voiles are sold only in single panels, not pairs.

Measuring your curtain drop

Sill length curtains: Take away ½ inch from your measurement so the curtains graze the sill.

Below sill curtains: These sit at about 15cm below the sill.

Floor length curtains: Take away ½ inch from your measurement so the curtains graze the floor.

If you want your curtains to pool on the floor, then add an extra 15-20cm to your floor measurement.

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